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September 2022

A little effort goes a long way. A lot of effort creates miracles

July 2022

Geniuses do not conform. They push forward

June 2022

Voracious reading is critical to unlocking one's potential.

December 2021

Is the internet becoming a digital torture chamber?
Cultish, by Amanda Montell, and How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World, by Francis Wheen

July 2021

Bill Gates tells us How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.
Two books by Bill Gates give necessary perspective with which to read his most recent.

April 2021

Items discussed: False information, Missionaries in Nigeria, A better sense of humanity.

February 2021

How to Create an Enemy
Andrews, the main character in Graham Greene's The Man Within, seems to suffers from a pathological, perhaps genetic fearful mindset. No matter what he…
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